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Why use sugarcane? (En)

Nowadays, environmental problems are becoming dire, and many plastic replacements considerate of the environment are coming into existence. First, the most important thing is to "not make trash in the first place." Regarding straws, many different products including paper straws, 100% bio-degradable straws, and reusable stainless straws, etc. are appearing. Our company designed and sells a straw made from "sugarcane."

Why use sugarcane?

The reason is that in the first place, "sugarcane" is an agricultural product that you can eat, and is part of a sustainable agricultural industry. We are using sugarcane that was organically farmed in Taiwan. We use the residue (bagasse) after extracting the juice from the harvested sugarcane. This is what is called "sugarcane fiber." This is the combination of sugarcane fiber and bio-degradable PLA (a corn product). These are the raw materials used in the straw.

*Of course, there is no artificial coloring added. *Our company's partner corporation holds the patent.

Using these raw materials, we created our company's "Sugarcane Fiber Straw."

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Sugarcane fiber Co., Ltd.

Sugarcane fiber straws.






ご案内が遅くなりましたが、先日日本国内でレストラン・カフェ、ホテルを運営されている 株式会社ひらまつ様のプレスリリースが配信となりました。 ひらまつ様 日本全国のひらまつ様のレストラン・カフェ(29店舗)、ホテル(5店舗)で 9月1日から順次展開中です。 新型コロナウイルス感染流行もまだまだ続きま


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