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sugarcane fiber straws

A new form of sugarcane

Biodegradable, naturally-derived Eco Straw made using sugarcane fiber.
100% of the sugarcane is organically grown in Taiwan.

It is manufactured in a factory in Taiwan these are ISO9001(bore 6mm、bore 8mm、bore 12mm)、ISO22000(bore 6mm、bore 8mm)、ISO14001(bore 12mm)、ISO22716(bore 12mm) certified and has high quality standards.

The corn-derived biodegradable PLA used in manufacturing the product is registered in the Japan Bioplastics Association's Japan Biomass Plastic Identification Labeling Positive List. In addition, we use world-standard, environmentally-friendly PLA raw materials certified by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) in the US and DIN CERTCO in Germany.

This product is proved to biodegrade in 3 months according to a study by the Compost Manufacturing Alliance in Canada.

<Globally recognized compostable certification & various inspection report certification>

▶︎ Product type






Bore 6mm

Bore 8mm

Bore 12mm


<Production location of this product>Taiwan

<Components>sugarcanefiber、biodegradable PLA(Derived from corn)


・This product cannot be eaten ・This product is uncolored ・Since the product is made from natural sugarcane, the color of the straw will vary ・The black dots on the straw are sugarcane fibers ・The sweet scent is from the sugarcane ・Use and store in the temperature range between -10℃ and 70℃ ・Do not use this product for any purpose other than drinking

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