Q)Are they sold separately?

A)Unfortunately, they are sold by the case. The effect on the environment is factored into this product, so it also attempts to create as little trash as possible. We have also taken into consideration the environmental impact of its distribution and have tried to decease the number of shipments as much as possible. For each of the sizes, the sum of the length, width, and height of the packages that are shipped is 140.

Q)Are they individually wrapped?

A)Currently, our lineup features products that are not individually wrapped, but it is possible to separately wrap them individually. For details, please direct your questions to the question form.

Q)Is the only length 210 mm?

A)Yes, they are only currently 210 mm long. Separate manufacturing is available. For details, please direct your questions to the question form.

Q)Can they be purchased at mass-market retailers?

A)Unfortunately, they cannot currently be purchased at mass-market retailers. We are currently designing a package that includes a smaller quantity. They are expected to be sold sometime in 2020.

Q)Do you have any other products made from sugarcane fiber other than straws?

A)We do not. Currently, we are doing trial manufacturing to implement it for other products such as combs, toothbrushes, spoons, forks, etc.

Q)I want straws on an individual basis, but do you offer any free samples?

A)No, this product unfortunately cannot be sold on an individual basis. This product is only for corporate customers (including individual business owners).