What’s sugarcane?

Sugarcanes can naturally be eaten and are considered a sustainable agricultural product for the future. This is because their fibers are extremely suitable for use as a material for making straws. Through our proprietary techniques, we have created a straw made of sugarcane residue (bagasse).


Cultivating and harvesting sugarcanes

Sugar mill



Pressed juice, brown sugar, etc.





Processing using proprietary techniques (using sugarcane fiber as the material for making straws)

Product commercialization

A new form of sugarcane

10 characteristics of sugarcane fiber straws

Raw materials: Sugarcane fiber, biodegradable PLA.(Derived from corn)

 1、Uses organically grown sugarcanes.


    3、Testing in Canada Compost Manufacturing Alliance showed

   that this product biodegradable in 3 months.

 4、The corn-based biodegradable PLA(Derived from corn) is made of environmentally-friendly    materials that are up to global standards. It is certified to be compostable by the              BPI(Biodegradable Products Institute) in the United States and DIN CERTCO in Germany and is

   registered on the Positive List under Japan BioPlastics Association's Biomass-PLA Identification

            and Labelling System.

 5、It has passed the imported food inspection in Japan by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

 6、It has passed the quality inspection by SGS Taiwan.

 7、It is manufactured in a factory in Taiwan these are ISO9001(bore 6mm , bore 8mm , bore    

            12mm), ISO22000(bore 6mm , bore 8mm), ISO14001(bore 12mm), ISO22716(bore

            12mm), certified and has high quality standards.

 8、No artificial coloring.

 9、The sweet scent is the scent of sugarcanes.

10、It is flexible and will not melt or change shape even if it is left in water for long periods.

▶︎ Product type

※Specifications may be partially changed






Bore 6mm

Bore 8mm



<Production location of this product>Taiwan

<Components>sugarcanefiber、biodegradable PLA(Derived from corn)


・This product cannot be eaten ・This product is uncolored ・Since the product is made from natural sugarcane, the color of the straw will vary ・The black dots on the straw are sugarcane fibers ・The sweet scent is from the sugarcane ・Use and store in the temperature range between -10℃ and 70℃ ・Do not use this product for any purpose other than drinking


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